Claimant Law Firms and Clients

We have an extensive network of Investors and Funders who are looking for deal flow. Audley wants to speak with you if you have cases requiring funding. We know what our Investment Capital partners are seeking.

We complete an in-depth review process with each funder to identify key areas of interest including claimant type, jurisdiction, due diligence process, key drivers, decision timetables, etc.

We will only submit a case when it is ready for submission. We will only submit cases to funders we know will be interested.



Your law firm becomes a LawfirmHub member. There is no cost. Your cases will be fast tracked.

You will be allocated a specific case manager who will advise on how to present cases in the best possible way, and to whom.

We are there for the whole journey and you will form part of a wide network of likeminded industry professionals. 

 Lawfirm Funding Portal 

When you have a case that needs funding, complete our initial questionnaire. We review the details, and if we believe that funding is accessible, we will provide an in-depth questionnaire for your completion.

This includes an outline of the case, law firm expertise, key bios, claim quantum, budget and project plan.

Based on our market intel and knowledge, we will then review, comment, and assimilate all key data for case submission to a pre-selected and mutually agreed funding panel.

                                          Submission Process 

We have a straightforward submission process using AI technology wherever possible.This  makes the Investment/funding legal claimant process as interlinked and effective as possible.

We will discuss each potential case with you, review the information and present in a way we know will maximise impact and success

As the global network grows we believe significant opportunities will arise for all LawfirmHub members. Many cases come to Audley Capital in a raw state. These cases often need a full legal analysis and legal representation and will be provided to LawfirmHub members where suitable.


You should also consider AudleyHub+, an ever-growing suite of AI-driven modules to help and assist in creating, developing, and managing cases. These tools are designed to help you get more business, retain more business and build value in your firm.

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