Audley Capital Global AI Driven Litigation Funding Experts

Dispute Funding for Claimants, Corporates and Law Firms

Audley Capital’s team has many years of experience in the litigation funding arena.

Based in London but with a global reach, Audley works with large international, regional and boutique law firms, investors and others.

We  bring investment capital, deal flow and legal expertise together in one exciting and expansive place

Our business is to grow your business.


Audley Capital’s  key strengths lie in its ability to assess the viability of litigation finance opportunities. With our vast experience and extensive network, we can identify the potential risks and rewards associated with financing specific cases. 

AudleyHub+ adds significant value to any litigation strategy with cutting-edge AI-based technology solutions. We enable our business partners to become world-beaters. We ensure that our claimants get the redress they deserve cost-effectively and timely.

Audley Capital has a special interest in providing funding for those who would otherwise not have access to justice.  We see litigation finance as a cornerstone of providing justice for all.  

This can be achieved whilst providing investment opportunities for those seeking an ESG-related alternative investment strategy or as part of a wider investment remit.

We have links around the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, The Middle East and Asia. Our business is global.


We work with claimant groups, law firms, litigation funders and associated industry professionals to create great outcomes.

We use AI technology wherever possible to make the Investment/funding/legal/claimant process as interlinked and effective as possible.


Social Justice and Responsibility is at the heart of what we do, facilitating legal representation for those cannot afford, or do not want to fund litigation.

We work within a clear and pre-agreed fee structure. We believe that this is the best strategy and one that aligns everyone concerned within the whole litigation process.





Audley Capital works with law firms to ensure that any investment is utilised correctly and effectively.

Those actions are as effective and efficient as possible, using algorithm technology, AI and regular independent reviews to circumvent procrastination, misrepresentation and delay wherever possible.

                         The Audley AI+ Solution

Harnessing state-of-the-art AI-driven technologies, we have revolutionised how funders approach legal sector capital deployment.

Our approach is rooted in providing data-driven assurance, case by case, at an automated and granular level. This means your capital is protected with scrutiny and precision previously unimaginable.

Synchronised with our support for funders, we offer a suite of systems designed to assist law firms in optimising their capacity and enhancing internal capabilities.

This allows firms to scale their operations without incurring the additional costs associated with expanding their workforce, as our technology takes on the demanding tasks.

We  enhance capital deployment speed by offering comprehensive support to funders and law firms in managing capacity and bolstering their capabilities. We provide the expertise needed to act as an institutional-grade finance arranger and portfolio manager.



One of the key strengths of Audley Capital lies in its ability to assess the viability of litigation finance opportunities.

With our vast experience and extensive network, we can identify the potential risks and rewards associated with financing specific cases.



Cases will be sourced directly via litigation brokers, insolvency practitioners, and law firms. Audley Capital targets a win or settlement probability of at least 60% for cases funded. Audley Capital seeks to ensure that cases available for funding on the platform satisfy an agreed criteria:



Law firms and funders can rely on Audley Capital to provide customised solutions that align with their specific requirements, ensuring a successful and efficient litigation finance process.

This enables the  provision of  valuable insights and guidance to clients, ensuring they make well-informed decisions when it comes to litigation finance.

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