The Audley Deal Room May 2024

Mass Consumer Claims


1.PCP Claims. 

Many are predicting this to be the new PPI. The Market is estimated to be up to £40 billion. The recent FOS/FCA declarations and the proposed cap on fees announced by the SRA will have a massive impact on timing and strategy. We have several law firms seeking funding, with varying operational strategies and full information available for each one.


2. Medical Negligence Claims. 

The National Health Service has £127 billion set aside for medical negligence claims, yet only circa 2.5 billion are settled annually, and much of this money covers internal legal fees. This AI and blockchain-based claims procurement and management system includes ATE and provides a base return to funders even if claims fail. £10m-£15 million is required over 15-18 months.


3. Business Energy Claims. 

Claims against major international utility companies for secret commissions and inflated pricing. Several law firms are seeking funding to cover procurement and case management.


4. Financial Mis-Selling. 

Negligent pension transfer advice, secret commissions, and failed investment funds. Claims are generally submitted via regulatory portals, which the UK Government effectively underwrites. Claims up to £85,000 are submitted through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), some claims up to £350,000 can be submitted via the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), and claims of greater value to be litigated. Several law firms are seeking funding with differing routes to market and strategies for case settlement.


6. St James Place (SJP) Claims


Claims are where financial advisors, investment platforms, and wealth managers must have a client service agreement in place with every client. This has to outline minimum levels of service, including regular valuations and annual reviews to analyse continued suitability and risk. If these services have not been provided, then fees have been taken erroneously and can be reclaimed. So far SJP have put aside £420m to cover liabilities, with other similar firms in similar positions re liability. We have several firms seeking funding for these types of claims which generally do not require litigation.


7. Fraud, Crypto and Scam Claims.

Fraud and push payment specialist firm requiring £2-£3m investment in this fast-growing area of UK law. Claims are against high credit with financial institutions.


8. Housing Disrepair (HDR) Claims. 

Claims are generally bought against local authorities for failures in property maintenance and upkeep and generally have a timeline of 6-10 months from inception. These cases are almost always settled pre-trail and several law firms seek funding to expand their client portfolios and/or refinance existing facilities.


9. Timeshare/Fractional Ownership Claims.

An experienced and well-known law firm seeks additional funding to maximise its impact in this area. The claims are against major financial institutions and are UK-based, to be progressed through both regulatory compensation and litigation routes.


10.Undisclosed Commission (UDC) Claims. 

Various groups of claimants have claims for UDC on finance agreements, insurance products, etc. Target defendants are large financial institutions, and several law firms with various strategies seek investment on a drawdown basis.


11.Flight Delay Claims.

On a trajectory to become the largest flight claims company in Europe. Award-winning business that has reclaimed over £380 million to date with over a decade of claims and financial litigation management experience led by a strong management team. The UK’s only combined law practice and claims company has 350 personnel. Funding requirement £2m.

12.Costs Advance Facility.

A wholesale facility is required for Settled HDR claims awaiting costs to be paid. The firm has 9000 claims in the system, with estimated costs to date of £45m and growing. The funding requirement £10m—£15m.


13.Diesel Emission Claims. 

Claims against all major car manufacturers. Similar legal action in the US has resulted in Mercedes-Benz paying out $700m (£508m) in a settlement with thousands of drivers. Over £100m has already been compensated for Diesel Emission Claims in the UK. Several law firms require significant funding, all experienced in this sector.


 14.Law Firm Refinance.

They are looking to raise £4.4m to refinance a book of 9,950 Mercedes Diesel Emission clients and potentially build PCP claims from this book, which will add significant additional value.


15 UK-Based Litigation Funding Platform. 

An industry-renowned litigation funding platform provides funders with cases that fit predefined criteria. This streamlined process provides fast access to capital for law firms and provides funders with pre-qualified cases with high probabilities of success. The platform can demonstrate proven historical high-yield returns over 8 – 18 months.


 16.Multi-Disciplined 4-location Law Firm.

Law firm funding is required for expansion and disbursements. Highly profitable and self-funded to date. Established in 2012 with many acquisitions planned. Impressive track record and highly profitable. £1m funding requirement.


17.Military Deafness Claims

A highly experienced firm with an excellent record of over 800 successful settlementsPortfolio of 7500 current claims with a funding requirement of £3-£4m. Self-funded to date. An excellent investment opportunity.

 18.Unauthorised Collective Investment Schemes. 

Requirement for portfolio funding for UCIS legal professional negligence claims. Demonstrable track record of success with many hundred successful claims. Funding requirement £5-£10m required.


Commercial Disputes


19.Group Litigation Claim. 

Against two major banks for their involvement in a fraudulently misrepresented investment and tax deferral scheme. Major UK litigation law firm formally engaged with proceedings issued. Claim quantum up to circa £150m with funding budget including ATE circa £8m.


20.Commercial Contract Dispute. 

Dispute between two individuals involved in a property development company. Disbursement funding of £600k-£1m is required with a claim quantum of £ 12m-£18m.


21.Australian-Based Patent/Commercial Dispute.

Funding of £1m sought with a claim quantum of circa £15-20m.


22.UK Crypto Fraud.

The action is on behalf of cryptocurrency investors who are victims of fraudulent activity perpetrated by individuals who have registered accounts with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. It focuses on one action/case, in which they act for 190 claimants as a lead case with an estimated quantum of USD20 – USD40 m. The action is against the crypto exchange, and proceedings are intended to commence in the English High Court.


 23.Commercial Dispute.  

Dispute between the Claimant and the Defendant (a Government) where alleged breaches to the contract have caused losses of damages ranging circa USD 65 million 808 million Monetisation is required for part of the Claimant’s share for working capital purposes ($1 million) as well as an optional buyout % stake of an existing funder who has entered a runoff. The quantum could range from a low-end USD 65 million to a high-end USD 808 million.UK jurisdiction. The award is expected to be paid in 2024. There is a current waterfall of payments on which the funder will sit.



A contractual dispute between a manufacturer supplying faulty machinery to an organisation severely affected their sales and profit. £300k of funding is required, and the quantum is in the region of £4 million.  A full and detailed Data Room is available. 


25. Commercial Dispute

A US-owned energy plant company is in dispute with the government over a breach of contract regarding the production and sale of natural gas. The claimant has engaged with a tier 1 Global Law firm and is looking to secure c10m of Litigation funding. The quantum of the damages is based on lost gross revenues over the 25-year contract, amounting to US$3.8 Billion and net of US$2.285 Billion. A draft ICC Request for Arbitration has been prepared, and the claim being pursued is for damages only and not for specific performance and restitution, as they are no longer feasible. A comprehensive Data Room is available upon request.





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