AudleyHub+ provides additional services and facilities for funders, lawyers and case managers to maximise their potential growth. Risk management, client management, case management, predictive outcome modelling- everything necessary to build a reliable, cost-effective, and all-encompassing AI-driven litigation funding PowerHouse.

We have partnered with a leading A.I. development house to bring innovations and solutions to the litigation marketplace to reduce risk, increase profits, and power our customers to scale and grow.

Harnessing state-of-the-art AI-driven technologies, we have revolutionised how funders approach legal sector capital deployment. Our approach is rooted in providing data-driven Assurance, case by case, at an automated and granular level. This means your capital is protected with scrutiny and precision previously unimaginable.

Our A.I., operating with meticulous attention to detail, thoroughly evaluates each case against your rigorous criteria, leaving no stone unturned to ensure all requirements are met. Our systems execute robust checks, diligently scrutinising and verifying every facet of the case file.

Employing a wide range of internal and external data sets, our advanced settlement algorithms calculate quantum values with unparalleled precision. This empowers funders with precise case valuations, enabling confident capital deployment, meticulous risk management, and accurate future earnings projections.

Synchronised with our support for funders, we offer a suite of systems designed to assist law firms in optimising their capacity and enhancing internal capabilities. This allows firms to scale their operations without incurring the additional costs associated with expanding their workforce, as our technology takes on the demanding tasks.

Our solutions offer a compelling dual benefit. Firstly, we provide unparalleled Assurance that safeguards capital investments, as demonstrated by our meticulous AI-driven case analysis, stringent criteria evaluation, and robust KYC and AML checks. This Assurance ensures that your capital is protected with unprecedented scrutiny and precision.

Secondly, we enhance capital deployment speed by offering comprehensive support to funders and law firms in managing capacity and bolstering their capabilities. We provide the expertise needed to act as an institutional-grade finance arranger and portfolio manager.

This encompasses everything from delivering case valuation with advanced settlement algorithms to helping law firms rapidly increase their power and capacity efficiently without the added cost of expanding their workforce.

By facilitating these aspects, we empower you to make faster, more informed decisions while preserving the integrity of your investments and increasing profits by driving efficiencies through A.I. and robotic process automation.

Our Suite of Products

Robust A.I. Vetting and Assurance

Central to our methodology is rigorous AI-driven vetting. Every document, file, and case undergoes meticulous examination to align with your criteria. Our advanced A.I. algorithms thoroughly analyse each detail, ensuring accuracy and relevance. This step streamlines vetting, enhancing precision and reliability, establishing a solid foundation for data-driven decisions in your legal funding, and providing risk-managed and assured capital by both provider and borrower

Precise Quantum Calculation with  SettleSmart’

Our methodology hinges on accurate quantum calculations, a task mastered by our flagship system, SettleSmart. Utilising advanced A.I. capabilities, SettleSmart predicts case values with remarkable precision. This AI-driven solution harnesses vast internal and external datasets to ensure that every quantum value is accurately forecasted.

This predictive power empowers you to confidently make well-informed decisions, facilitating effective capital deployment and meticulous risk management. SettleSmart not only streamlines valuation but also provides the Assurance that comes with having the most precise, data-driven insights.

Streamlined Case Management with AI-Driven CMS

Our AI-powered Case Management System (CMS) not only automates routine tasks, reducing requirements for human resources, but it also enriches data, analyses data gaps and identifies sales opportunities through advanced A.I. This allows your team to process higher case volumes, monitor case progress, allocate funding resources effectively, and explore new avenues for business growth, all while delivering precise and efficient legal services that satisfy funding requirements.

AI-Powered Big Data Mining and  Opportunity Discovery

Expanding upon our methodology, we delve into extensive data mining and opportunity discovery, driven by A.I. Our advanced systems explore comprehensive datasets, revealing potential upsell, cross-sell, and revenue-generating opportunities for future claims. This includes identifying common directorships, linked profiles, and untapped prospects within your existing data. Through the capabilities of A.I, we enable you to enhance current operations and explore uncharted paths for business expansion and revenue growth.


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