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Our Hub has an exciting flow of pre-qualified opportunities. Through IntroducerHub and LawfirmHub Audley Capital generates  significant deal flow. It’s in our blood.We spend time with every new InvestorHub member, analysing your key requirements and agreeing on principles and processes that suit your organisation. Each agreement will likely be different, but the Audley promise is common:


                          We will help  make you more effective, time-efficient and productive.

We work with litigation funders, investors, institutions and others to identify opportunities and assist in the due diligence process. Whether litigation finance is a new asset class to you or funding is at the heart of your business, we can help. Our technology-driven processes ensure a close match between investment capital and deal flow.


We recognise that historically, the majority of a funder’s time has been spent sifting through badly matched and poorly presented cases. The Audley approach changes all of that. We want you to spend your time analysing strong cases that are presented well. Audley pre-qualifies every case and presents it in a standard format. InvestorHub will save you time, provide focused case flow and enable you to spend time doing what you do best deploying capital:

Social Justice and Responsibility are at the heart of what we do. Our ESG team can provide assistance in ensuring compliance is at the forefront of any investments, taking into account environmental, social, and governance factors that can help identify potential risks and opportunities associated with litigation cases, enabling investors to make more informed decisions.


We can also assist with ongoing case management, risk analysis and valuation during the litigation process. We have cutting-edge AI-driven technology that will give you a leading edge. Consider joining AudleyHub+, which is designed to enable better case analysis, pre-investment vetting, case management, and case valuation.

Join InvestorHub-you will be joining a rapidly growing network of like-minded and success-driven industry professionals. 

InvestorHub will give you access to market intelligence, webinars, networking events and a rapidly growing global audience.

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